Giclées by Stephen Shoemaker

Each print is signed and many are numbered limited editions. Shipping costs will be added at checkout OR the option to pick up your print at Stephen’s Gallery is available.

What is a Giclée?

Giclée (zhee-clay) is a French word meaning “to spray.” The giclée process creates high-quality prints and reproductions that are produced on professional large format ink-jet printers, using light-fast, pigment-based inks on archival substrates (paper/canvas). The high quality of a giclée captures the luminosity and texture of the original artwork and the colors are brighter and last longer than with traditional lithography.

“Maple Leaf”

Signed and numbered edition, 2015. (15″x20″) $100

“Dog Creek Mill”

Dog Creek MillOne of the last-standing grist mills in Ashe County and favorite spot for canoers on the New River. Stephen painted this by commission for a friend that grew up near the mill and always loved the place. Signed and numbered edition, 2006. (17.75″x23.75″ or 15″x20″) $150/$100


TuckerdaleStephen’s latest giclee of an evening at the old Tuckerdale Church during the holidays. Can you find the hidden fox? This painting is Stephen’s spin on Disney’s “Polar Express.” The boy sees the train, but if you look closely, there are several signs to tell you it’s just in his imagination. The Christmas tree with 3 ball ornaments are in memory of the lives lost at the Hudler Tree Farm in 2008. Signed and numbered edition. $150

“Stikes Holler”

Stikes HollerThis beautiful winter scene at Stikes Holler features the historical Virginia Creeper, a former train line that used to run from Virginia to North Carolina from 1877 through 1977. Notice the pail in the lower right corner, Stephen’s tribute to his idol and famous painter, Andrew Wyeth. Signed and numbered edition, 1999. Large, $150 or Medium, $100 (15″x20″).


3430225_orig Take a ride in the old west! A commissioned piece for a friend (holding the shot gun) who loves stage coaches and the wild west. Can you spot the side-winder and the artist himself? Signed and numbered edition, 2008. (15″x25″). $150

“Cut at Devil’s Stairs”

Cut at Devil's StairsThe location of a sad story that became part of history of the Creeper line in 1945. Signed and numbered edition, 2003. (17″x23″or 15″x20″) $150/$100.

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Signed and numbered edition, 2015. (15″x20″) $100

“New River Landing, 1945”

New River LandingRecreation of a historical event on the New River – the emergency landing of a World War II British aircraft. The pilot was lost in the fog and running out of fuel. Signed and numbered edition, 2002. (21″x29″). $150

“New River Road”

New River RoadThe midway rock on a dirt road running beside the New River off Teaberry Road in rural Ashe County. Signed and numbered edition, 2005. (22″x17″). $150

“Hanging of Will Banks”

Hanging of Will BanksThe last public hanging at the county seat in Jefferson, NC around 1907. Signed and numbered edition, 2004. (22.5″x28″). $150

“Big Jim Scott”

Big Jim ScottA tribute the tallest man to live in Ashe County. Signed and numbered edition, 2008. (~10″x8″). $40

“Shootout at the O.K. Corral”

Shootout at the OK CorralA departure from the rural Ashe County landscape, Stephen decided to try something fun and different showcasing his affinity for western movies. Signed and numbered edition, 2005. (18″x26.75″). $150

“Red Shoe”

The Red ShoeWinning piece at the ‘Best of the Blue Ridge’ at Ashe Arts Center in 2008 – this is one of Stephen’s favorite pieces. Signed and numbered edition, 2008. (~10″x12″). $40